Volunteer Missions

The different missions that we can find as a Spartan Race volunteer will depend on the day we go as a volunteer:

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: the missions to perform will be missions of race preparation, bibs, branding, preparation of the checkroom, preparation of the finish area, registration ....


Saturday and Sunday: It is important to know the different sections that we have the day of the race which we will have the option to choose as a volunteer, but always bearing in mind that there may be some change due to circumstances of the race. Missions in which I can be the day of the race as a volunteer:

Departure: the volunteers will have to be controlling the access to the different exits and that everyone enters at the corresponding time, for this they will have a tablet with which they can read the QR code of the bracelets of the participants and thus know that they are in the correct exit. They will also have paints to paint the participants before starting the race. Once you have finished the last start you will have to collect all the exit and all the tape to the first obstacle.

Finish line: at the finish line you will be helping to support the gladiators who give the medals, taking the chips from the participants, giving them drinks and t-shirts as they reach the finish line. All the people who are helping at the finish line can only be with the lunch pack.
Registration: in registration you will be helping the runners to give them the race bib, you will be managing the bibs with a tablet where you will be given a small tutorial at the beginning of the day to be able to attend correctly to the runners.

Kids: you will be helping in the Kids race in the different obstacles of the course, making the registration of children, running together with the children or putting the medals. First thing in the morning all the people who are in the junior mission will be helping in the checkroom and once they finish their mission as well.

Checkroom: we will have to collect the backpacks of the runners and place them perfectly with the assignment of a number to later return the backpacks at the time of collection.

Festival: in the festival area you will help painting the people of the festival, handing out flyers to spectators, helping with the karcher in the shower area, giving the bibs in the corporate tent, giving support in the trifecta tent or conducting surveys to people.

Course: being on the course means being at the different obstacles or race refreshment stations. Once the last participant has passed, they will also help in picking up the signaling tape on both sides of the race.

Gladiators: Gladiators will have to dress as gladiators, the costumes will be given by the organization and they will have to be at the starting area, at the finish line giving medals, at the photographer's tent and at the festival.

Inventory: the inventory people will enter at 14:00 in the afternoon, in the inventory mission you will not receive the food of the day, when you arrive you must go to the volunteer tent to check in and you will be directed to any of the previous missions. Once the race is over you will have to stay until 23:00 at night to help collect the race material.

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