Course Marshall

What is the function of a Course Marshall?

Marshals are the referees of the race. They have the right and the duty to judge the participants throughout the race. They are assisted by volunteers and form a team at each of the obstacles.

Marshalls are distributed at their obstacles before the start of the race.

Mission cards and training are provided before and everyone will be briefed before the race. They are present throughout the day controlling the obstacles.

They are in constant contact with the area managers (Spartan staff) who are their references and liaise with the race management.

The marshals must enforce the rules and report any misbehavior to the marshal in charge of the marshals.

The Marshall must guide the volunteers and work with them! They form a team of referees and have similar power in judging and penalties. The volunteer provides important information to the Marshalls.

Each country has a responsible Marshall who organizes and coordinates all the Marshalls during the race day.

What does a Marshall get for a day's work?

The Marshall will have to work the whole day:

75 per day (it is necessary to participate in at least two race days during the year).
He will be paid a little less on the first event to show his commitment and for receiving a training course from our Chief Marshall Antonello.
30% discount on any race in Europe.
10% discount on merchandising on the day of the event.
1 Marshall T-shirt and a cap.
How can I become a Marshall?

Take a 2 hours training course one day before the event for 40 euros.

This course will take place at the same place of the event on Friday before the race.

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    Hello, I have the Spartan Obstacle specialist Certificate and therefore I would like to play Marshall at the European Championships in Andorra on June 10th. You can sign me up and confirm me as Marshall?
    Thank you very much
    Guido Lenzi
    phone number: +393358358421

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