Multi Race Pass Information

What exactly is the Multi Race Pass?
With the Multi Race Pass you can choose the buy several race entries in one shot- and combine races in several countries: Andorra, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland and Spain. And the best is: you get a discount.

Is there a minimum of Races which I have to reach for a registration?
You have to purchase at least 3 race entries with the Multi Race Pass- and there is no limit on the total number.

What is the discount for a Multi Race Ticket?
For 2 registrations there is 15% on all races.

For 3 registrations there is 20% on all races.

For 4 registrations there is 25% on all races.

If you purchase 5 or more entry tickets with your Multi Race Pass you will get 30% on all races

Can I use the Multi Race Pass for 2 persons?
No, the Multi Race Pass is only valid for one person- so you cannot buy several tickets for the same race or tickets for different persons. 

Which heat times are available?
For each Spartan Race you will be offered different starting heats during the registration process from which you can choose. This depends on each race. For Trifecta Events you will find the right heats to participate in all 3 races.

What happens if I suddenly can not participate in a race?
In that case, you can always defer one, some or all of your entry tickets following the standard deferral rules. This you have to do in your Maxfun profile with the following transfer options.

Can I use a voucher / discount code to sign up?
No, vouchers or discount codes cannot be applied on the Multi Race Pass- without exception.

I am already registered for a race and would now like to sign up for 2 more races, can I offset the already booked race for the Multi Race Pass?
No, this is not possible. Every completed registration process is independent and cannot be combined in any way with other registrations you go for later on. But you can buy several Multi Race Passes at any time- you just can't combine. 

I need an invoice but the races are in different countries. How is the VAT displayed?
You will be able to see each of your races in your MaxFun profile after successful registration. There you can look at each individual race the document and download if needed. The races are settled here country specific. Also for each registration you receive a separate confirmation email with the individual barcode. So you need to bring the individual confirmation email for each race! 

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