Can I Use The Spartan Logo On My Own Gear?

So you want to show your love for Spartan?
Here's how to do it legally, without infringing on copyright rules:

1) Purchase our logo merchandise from our Online Store!

2) You want to make your own shirts, for your team/family, etc?
You can now use our logo on your team shirts with our "Create your Team Tee" Program.

We do not allow use of the Spartan Logo for any reason. Even if being used for personal use or not sold for profit. There are a few reasons for this.

1) We cannot control the quality of the items being made. So having items that are poorly made with our logo could reflect badly on us.
2) We cannot control the context of the logo being used and could be used in a manner that is not in line with our company beliefs.
3) We cannot determine which items are being sold and which ones are not being sold for profit.
4) We have exclusive agreements in place with vendors for products and allowing use of our logo could be in breach of those agreements.

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