Spectator Guide

If any, possible spectator restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be communicated in the athlete's guide prior to each race. Please review the Athlete's Guide for more information.


Spartan Race loves Spectators

As a Spartan Race spectator, you will have viewing access of some obstacles, the start and finish line, the vendor tents, and hot food for sale on the grounds. Enjoy music while watching your friends and loved ones slip and slide through the Spartan course, from the relatively mud-less Spartan Race festival grounds. Raffles, entertainment, spectator challenges, free muddy hugs from Spartan athletes, and all the other festival perks makes spectating all worth while. The next ticket you will want to buy will be a race entry.


Yes, but can I get on the course to watch my racer?

As for roaming the course or watching each obstacle, each course will have different restrictions. On some ski mountains, you can take a ski lift to the top where there will be obstacles to watch. At ALL events, the festival area is situated within sight of at least 6 obstacles where you can catch your family and friends.


My Junior Spartan(s) are in the Kids Race, can I follow them ?

Most of the time, the race is designed in order to let the family see all the race. The space is normally close and only our Staff can follow the race and ensure the security of the Kids. So please respect the signage and keep behind the tape.

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