SUPER SUNDAY: The European Championship Team RELAY

The Andorra Super will host a special event as the European Championship Team relay. 

Only one Super Team relay heat will be offered and will follow the Elite & Age Group rules.


How many people does a team consist of?

Every team will consist of 3 athletes. Every gender must be represented in each team. A team can consist of: 1 Woman+2 Men OR 2 Women+1 Man. All athletes must be from the same nationality*.
*Athletes must hold a passport of a European Country (EU and non-EU components are all included) in order to register for the European Championship Super Team relay race and be eligible for awards and podium recognition. 


There is no qualification required in order to participate at the European Championship Super Team relay. 


How does it work? 

The Super Team relay race course will be divided in 3 different sections (each of them made of a different length). Each section will have its own specific criteria such as agility, uphill, strength, carries, etc. 

As a Team the 3 athletes have to decide which section they will run (first, second or third) and prior to race day, all teams will receive an onsite briefing with all necessary information. 


On race day, each athlete will be placed in the transition area starting the section they will run. 

The first athlete of the third section crossing the finish line is the European Super Team Relay champion. The top 3 teams will be awarded on stage. No prize money is available for this race.


How does Spartan make sure that official rules are followed and penalties are applied?

As all Spartan races the Super Sunday Team relay will follow the rules of all events. (Official Spartan Rulebook Book for reference)

The race will be timed and Marshalls will be on the course to ensure that rules are followed both at the obstacles and at the transaction areas.

Penalties will be applied when necessary. 


For the official and detailed Team Relay rules, refer to the specific Team Relay Annex as addition to the Official rules of Competition.


Do you want to represent your country at the Andorra Super Sunday team relay and compete for the title of Champion? 

Register now and create your team.

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