2023 European Elite and Age Group Series Information

Last updated on March 1st, 2023.

Find all information on the 2023 European Spartan series here. 

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Elite European Series 

National Series (Age Group)

Elite Racing

Wild Card Events 


Elite European Series

The new Elite European Series is introduced in 2023 and will feature a new concept of series:

  • 4x Sprint Elite Qualifying races lead into a Final in Madrid/Spain on the brand new Spartan 3k format.
  • It is an Elite-only race series and will be hosted in 5 different European countries.  

The following races have been selected as qualifying races to the Final 3K event in Madrid and by that make up the Elite European Series 2023.

  • Spartan Sprint Munich (Germany, April 15)
  • Spartan Sprint Zandvoort (Netherlands, May 20)) 
  • Spartan Sprint Vac (Hungary, July 29)
  • Spartan Sprint South West (UK, August 13)  
  • Spartan 3k Madrid (Spain, October 6) - The Final 

Elite European Series Rules:

  • At each of the 4 Qualifier Sprint Elite races, the top 10 finishers, male and female, qualify for the 3k Finals Race.
  • After the event, the qualified racers will receive an official invite which allows them to register FREE of charge for the 3k Finals, in Madrid, Spain. The registration needs to be redeemed within 10 days after receipt of the invite email - after that period it will become invalid.
  • There is no rolldown when qualification invites are not accepted. A rolldown will only occur when an athlete has previously qualified through their top 10 placing but also places top 10 in other qualification races.
  • Racers can participate in as many qualifier races as they wish. However, only one qualifier race is needed to secure your spot in the 3k race Final. 
  • The Final is on October 6 at the Spartan Trifecta Weekend in Madrid, Spain. Only qualified racers who accepted their invite within the defined invitation period are allowed into the 3k Finals Race
  • The 3k Final will determine the winners of the inaugural 2023 Elite European Series. 
  • There is no point system leading into the Finals. 
  • The 3k Finals Race is made up of 3 rounds:
    • Q1-Round 1, Q2-Round 2, Q3-Final.
    • Only up to 45 racers of each gender will take part in Q1. 
      • Q1-Round 1: (1 loop Tot. 1km). The 30 racers with the best overall timing pass to Q2. 
      • Q2-Round 2: (1 loop tot. 1km) The Top 15 racers with the best overall timing pass to the Q3-Final.
      • Q3-Final: (3 loops tot. 3km). The best 15 racers allowed to take part of the final will compete to win.
    • All races are happening consecutively within a 2-hour time window on Friday, October 6.
  • Male and Female heats are separate, each with 45 racers in Round 1. 
  • Spartan reserves the right to hand out invites for a limited number of Wild Card Slots for the 3k Finals Race. 

Elite European Series Prize Money:

The Elite European Series offers prize money. 

  • Each Qualifier race will offer prize money to the Top 3 Finishers. 
  • The 3k Final will offer an overall Prize money to the Top 5 finishers per gender.  

Prize money amount to be announced soon.


National Series (Age Group)

In 2023 the Spartan Age Group National Series will focus on elevating Age Group athletes and all athletes looking to race in smaller heats at a more competitive level.

This is your chance to prove yourself amongst your peers for the chance to be crowned champion.

The following races make up the 2023 Age Group National Series for each individual European Country:

Countries National Series
For more information for each country national series use links below:

National Series (Age Group) Rules:

  • For each country's individual National Series:
    • Your best 3 out of the 4 races will count towards your series ranking
      • Except for France where all races count
  • All race levels are scored the same. There is no weighting between race levels, for example, Sprint vs Super, or Sprint vs Beast.
  • Only the above-mentioned race-specific distance/day(s) will count towards the series ranking.
  • Other races held that weekend will not count towards the series. 
  • Only competitors who sign up and compete in the Age Group Heat will earn points.

National Series (Age Group) Prizes:

Over $10,000 in non-cash prizes will be presented to the top 3 men and women in each age group, along with special edition Age Group National Series awards. 

National Series (Age Group) Point System

All races are scored using a 1,000-point system. Points are assigned based on an athlete's final place and their gender, within their specified age group category. 

Points are calculated using the following formula. 

1st Place Age Group Finishers Time (Minutes)/Your Finish Time (Minutes) x 1000 = Total Points Score


  • 1st Place Age Group Time - 60:00 Minutes
  • Your Time - 72:00 Minutes
  • 60/72 x 1000 = 833 Points

Competitors ranked below 1,000 places in their Age Group will not earn any points. 

All Other Elite Racing in 2023

In addition to the Elite European Series, we will also offer at least 1 Elite heat at all events in each European country in 2023. 

Please check the individual Event Pages for more details on Elite heats.

Gold Race:

  • The events below that are highlighted yellow will be the Gold Race for that European Country:
    • These races have been selected due to their technical and challenging nature and stand out as some of our most gruelling tests in 2023.
  • There will be prize Money for the Top 3 Finishers Male and Female in that single race

PRIZE MONEY FOR THE GOLD RACES will be announced shortly. 



In 2023 a new qualification system was established for Championship Events.

The 2023 Wild Card Events in Europe are the following:

Esterel Beast - Elite 

Tenerife Beast - Elite

Cerveteri Super - Elite

Zell am See Beast - Elite

Zandvoort Beast - Elite & AG

Kranjska Gora Beast - Elite & AG

Madrid 3k - Elite

Ste Croix Super - Elite & AG 

You can find all information about that system HERE

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