OCR Triple Crown

The OCR Triple Crown is a new worldwide trophy that brings together three marquee obstacle events:

Anyone is eligible to compete for the OCR Triple Crown, although athletes must meet event specific qualifications:

    • Spartan 3K World Championship: Athletes must qualify for the Elite 3K event
    • World’s Toughest Mudder 24-HR OCR World Championship: Athletes must meet criteria to race in the Contender category
    • OCR 100m World Championships: Athletes must be registered with their national federation
  • Racers must complete all three events in order to be eligible for the Triple Crown trophy. 
  • Points will be issued equal to a racer's finish place after each event.
  • After all three events, the OCR Triple Crown winner will be the athlete with the fewest points.
    • Tie breaking will be done by referring to combined race finish times for all three events.  
  • The top male and female racers each year will be awarded the coveted OCR Triple Crown Trophy. 


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