Spanish National Series


In 2023 Age Groupers and Elite racers have new ways to climb for Glory.


The National Series are back in 2023 with the following calendars:

> France (3 races : Carcassonne Super, Morzine Beast, Esterel Beast)

> Italy (4 races: Gubbio Beast, Cesenatico Super, Misano Beast, Cerveteri Super)

> Spain (4 races: Mallorca Super, Madrid Beast, Andorra Super only for AG category, Tenerife Beast)

> Germany- Austria (4 races: Munich Sprint, Kulmbach Beast, St Pölten Super, Zell am See Beast)

> UK (4 races: London West Super, Midlands Sprint, South West Beast, London South East Beast)



In 2023 the Spartan Age Group National Series will focus on elevating Age Group athletes and all athletes looking to race in smaller heats at a more competitive level. This is your chance to prove yourself amongst your peers for the chance to be crowned champion.

The following races make up the 2023 Spain Age Group National Series:

Spain 3 of 4  
Mallorca 18.03. Super
Andorra 11.06. Super
Madrid 06.10. Beast
Tenerife 25.11. Beast


Spain National Series (Age Group) Rules:

  • Your best 3 out of all races will count towards your series ranking
  • All race levels are scored the same. There is no weighting between race levels, for example, Sprint vs Super, or Sprint vs Beast.
  • Only the above mentioned race-specific distance/day will count towards the series ranking. Other races held that weekend do not count towards the series. 
  • Only competitors who sign up and compete in the Age Group Heat will earn points.

Spain National Series (Age Group) Prizes:

Over $10,000 in non-cash prizes will be presented to the top 3 men and women in each age group, along with special edition Age Group National Series awards. 

Spain National Series (Age Group) Point System

All races are scored using a 1,000-point system. Points are assigned based on an athlete's final place and their gender, within their specified age group category. 

Points are calculated using the following formula. 

1st Place Age Group Finishers Time (Minutes)/Your Finish Time (Minutes) x 1000 = Total Points Score


  • 1st Place Age Group Time - 60:00 Minutes
  • Your Time - 72:00 Minutes
  • 60/72 x 1000 = 833 Points

Competitors ranked below 1,000 places in their Age Group will not earn any points. 


Number of races that will count:

> AG National Series made of 3 races: all races count 

> AG National Series made of 4 races: 3 races out of 4 count 


There is no minimum number of races to attend.

Only the final race of the AG Series is mandatory to participate.



Applied only in Western Europe: Italy, France, Spain, Germany-Austria.

Elite racers only.

In addition to the  Elite European Series we will also offer at least 1 Elite heat at all events in Spain in 2023.

The new Spain Elite Season will be hosted on 4 races in Spain. Racers in Elite categories will have to participate in a minimum of 2 Elite Regular Races in Spain/Andorra in order to be eligible to race the Elite Gold Race in Tenerife. 

Who is eligible to compete in the Elite Gold race in Tenerife?

  • Athletes who participated in 2 regular elite races prior to the Elite Gold race (in the same country = Spain/Andorra)
  • Top 3 finishers of an Elite regular race (in the same country as the Elite Gold race = Spain/Andorra)
  • Those who didn’t match with the 2 criteria above will not be able to participate in the Elite category. Nevertheless, they will be able to race in Age Group category (or Open).


Mallorca 18.03. Super
Madrid 06.10. Beast
Tenerife (GOLD RACE)  25.11. Beast


Prize Money:

Prize money will be announced soon - Elite Gold race only will feature prize money.



1st place - prize coming soon
2nd place - prize coming soon
3rd place - prize coming soon

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